Friday, August 17, 2007

Kayaks Recovered!

Good news!! The kayaks were recovered. That was fast!


Silbs said...


Ron said...

Wish I had some ... I'll be up there next week. Maybe I'll check on it.

bonnie said...


Always nice to hear when boats make their way back home again.

We had a really vile theft here in NYC - there's a storage place run by the NYC Parks Department at 79th st - not the best situation because they have restrictions like you're not supposed to be out after dark or in the wintertime - but it's locked & pretty convenient for Upper West Siders.. Somehow a pair of very new Chatham 18's belonging to a very nice-seeming couple dissappeared. The lock was still on the cage so sadly, it had to be an inside job - either another kayaker or a parks employee with access. I posted their message pretty much everywhere I could think of, no dice so far. Sad.

Good to read a happy ending.