Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Storms

Plans to finish some projects over the weekend were changed due to some wild weather late Friday night, early Saturday. Thunderstorms, with some downed trees, and quite a bit of damage on the West side of the Twin Cities. Last night it was more of the same, but North of the cities, and into Wisconsin got hit pretty hard this time. I spent the weekend with some downed trees, and my chainsaw.

Monday night before the storms came through, Chris, Courtney, and I spent some time playing in the wind, and waves on Medicine lake. Winds were 15kts gusting to 20kts, this gave us some waves to play with. Its always fun to try and do some rolls in different conditions, it gives you a feel for rolling up into the wind, and with the wind ... and why suddenly your offside roll takes on some importance.


Auchtung! said...

Hey Ron,

Next time you're paddling Medicine Lake, please let me know! I just moved into the Plymouth area -- am a friend of Alex's from Appleton. I'd love to get out in the "long" kayak as I've been doing roll practice in the short one too often. I'm not sure - I might have forgotten how to roll my Avocet!


Alex said...

Hey Ron, are you gonna be at the Kayak Play thing tomorrow? I'm feeling a little bad about missing most of the SKOAC things this summer and I'm considering heading over tomorrow for the thing at Bush Lake.

Ron said...

Ben, Next time we hit Medicine Lake, I'll let you know ... you'll have to get me an email address.
Hey Alex, I'll be at the "kayak games", but I think its next Wednesday .. not this week. I think people are going to White Bear Lake this week for a social paddle.

Alex said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up! I had my calendars confused. I guess I'll just head to Calhoun with ISK again than. Someday I'll paddle with SKOAC!

Tunder said...

Great photo of the cumulonimbus mammatus! More can be seen at:
If your interested.

Ron said...

I mangaged to get the photo's right in my backyard. I've always been a weather nut ..while most people would wisely run for cover, I'm usually the one watching the action. Fun stuff!