Monday, August 27, 2007

Oak Island Weekend

Hole in the Wall on the North end of Oak.

Chris working with Dave on some of the fine points of the roll!

Hmmm ....

Great group this weekend on Oak Island. Jill and I drove up late on Friday after work, this gave us a nice night paddle. I think it was well past sunset when we left, and the furry little bats kept diving at our paddles as we made our way along the shoreline. A short crossing to the sand spit, and we were setting up tents and ready for the weekend! Saturday we broke up into three groups, one group hit Raspberry Island for the lighthouse tour, and missed it by only a few minutes. Another went East and paddled the shores along Stockton Island, and I went along with the group that did the circumnavigation of Oak. Lunch on the North end of the island, and a quiet paddle back to the sand spit. Sunday brought some wind and waves to make the paddle back to Buffalo Bay a bit of a workout ... but that's why we paddle the big lake, never a dull moment!

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