Monday, August 6, 2007

Two Harbors Kayak Festival

Returned from the 10th Annual "Two Harbors Kayak Festival" last night. Was another good weekend of kayaking with many friends. I've some pictures to go through and will post them as the day goes.

Note: It would appear my CD drive on the computer has abruptly quit working. Courtney had given me a CD with tons of great pictures of the events of the weekend ... We will have to go with the meager supply of photos I had taken with my camera. Bummer.
Hmmm... 8/8/2007 and CD still broken.
I didn't take many pictures this time ... but I did get a shot of the winners from our group. Along with the race results from Dave and I. The race is always a good time, I've not missed the kayak festival since 2003. The Town of Two Harbors is a nice destination along the North Shore of Lake Superior. With Burlington Bay as a good launch point one can paddle South into the harbor area with a lighthouse, a view of the shipping harbor. North will bring you some very scenic paddling, including the Split Rock Lighthouse, and many cliffs, and rocky shoreline. Finding a place to land can sometimes be a challenge.


DaveO said...

I saw some of Courtney's and they all look better than mine anyway!

Ron said...

I just had young Peter here fixing the computer ... I should have a CD working by morning.