Friday, August 17, 2007

Stolen Boats

2 Boats and gear were stolen off the dock at Living Adventure in Bayfield - they are:
-NDK Explorer LV - Red deck over Black hull
-Northwest Kayaks - tandem red deck over white hull
-Lendal Crankshaft paddle
Please be on the lookout for such boats and gear as the thieves may very well try to sell the them. If you learn anything of these items you should contact Living Adventure at 715-779-9503.


DaveO said...

Looks like they recovered the boats! Hope whoever did had a good pair of testicle pliers with em when they did! See you Sat PM if not before.

Ron said...

Hi Dave,
I share your feelings on thievery ... its a low down dirty thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I believe in thievery. I just got a nice NDK boat from some guy in Bayfield.