Friday, March 16, 2007

Another busy weekend

Winter party for SKOAC is Saturday .. two positions were open on the board, and three people chose to run for election, I am one of those who has decided to run for a board position. After 4 years in the club, and all of the opportunities I've had, that I would have never been able to do on my own, It is time to give something back. New board members will be announced at the Winter Party on Saturday evening.
Ron Steinwall and I will be working on building a stand for a new CNC machine for making his paddles this weekend. I'll try and get a few pictures of the project.
Pool Sessions on Sunday ... Good thing the lakes are still froze over, I wouldn't get anything done!


Alex said...

I won't be at the party since my sister is flying in to visit for the weekend. I did vote for you of course! I can't wait to see how the CNC machine is gonna turn out.

Ron said...

Thanks Alex, I'm looking forward to seeing how the CNC turns out too. Cool stuff! Ron S is really putting a lot of effort into his venture. It should do well!

richc said...

Glad to see you running for the board. See you Saturday night.

By the way - I think the pool session is a week away yet, so no excuses for not getting anything done this weekend!