Sunday, March 18, 2007

Newest SKOAC board members

The two newest members of the board for SKOAC, that would be me on the left .. The beard is gone, but the hippie hair remains .. gotta think about a haircut soon. Due to limits on his time, Rich Cook , has stepped down and allowed all three candidates, Jerome, Chris, and myself to be appointed this election. Jerome was up for re-election this year. Although I'm sad to see Rich step down, I am sure we can count on his help, and input. First meeting next Thursday evening .. lots to do for the upcoming year .. Midwest Mountaineering Expo, I'm sure I'll get some booth time .. Spring Fling planning .. It's looking to be a good upcoming paddling season!
Picture was taken by Courtney Ehlers at Meyers Beach on Lake Superior last October.


Alex said...

Congrats Ron! Speaking from a fair bit of experience, being a board member on a paddling club is a thankless but necessary role. Thanks for stepping up and helping out the club!

I still need to figure out who these SKOAC guys are one of these days! :)

Ron said...

Hi Alex, I'm sort of looking forward to the job .. just doing my part.

Anonymous said...


Congrats to you and Chris. Expect heavy lobbying, including bribes and kickbacks, to begin shortly.

Dave O

Silbs said...

Congradulations...and what does SKOAC stand for? Sounds like a chewing tobacco :)

Ron said...

Hi Dick, Superior Kayak Outdoor and Adventue Club.