Thursday, March 8, 2007

Canoecopia Weekend!

Busy weekend coming up, get all my ducks in a row by tomorrow evening. Finish projects at work. Saturday morning early I meet Jill and Chris for the ride to Canoecopia then for the evening "This is the Sea III" premier is at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. Sunday plenty of good speakers to spend the day listening to, then after Canoecopia winds down its Rolling with Freya and Greg Then the drive home and back to work on Monday.


Alex said...

you're driving back on Sunday night? wow, that's impressive. me and mike cannon are driving back on monday since driving back that late after a long day would be pretty tough.

you, mike, and ron s. are all gonna be in the clinic so we'll have to make sure that you guys work with Freya or Greg rather than me since you see me all the time. :)

Ron said...

I let it be known at work,that I'd be in quite late on Monday .. noon to be exact.

See you there!!