Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Medicine Lake

Stopped by Medicine Lake today, looks to be about 50% ice free. I'll be checking up on Lake Waconia this Friday, I'd like to hit Waconia this weekend. The shorline is a good 10 mile paddle to circumnavigate, for a nice first time on the lake for the season.


DaveO said...

Don't know if I'll get any paddling in this weekend. Pod, Bobbi, and Sam are coming down as well as Kathy for the annual Cabela's/Surdyks trip. There is certainly a Grumpys happy hour chance on Sat afternoon but its hard to tell now. Kathy and I might get our paddling in on Sunday afternoon. I'll keep you posted.

Silbs said...

Interesting name for a lake. I wonder if my Wisconsin license allows me to practice there :)

Ron said...

I've often thought it was an odd name for a lake. My son, and his wife have a condo on the South shore.