Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Boat

Well I've slowly saved all my pennys this winter, with odd jobs, and snowplowing. I'll have the new boat paid off this month. I didn't want to part with my trusty NDK just yet, its been such a good boat, and has taught me much, and with this one as a second boat, I'll be able to maybe introduce some friends into, and let them have a go at some paddling. I'm still waiting for news on the shipping date from Midnight Sun Adventure in Duluth, for the new Valley Q-boat I ordered. With any luck it will be here by the time the ice is off the lakes.


Silbs said...

A new toy. Finally got my newest SOF into the pool last night. You will soon know the same joy!

DaveO said...

I hope we can pick it up on the way to the BBI. And I hope your maiden voyage in the new Valley boat doesn't leave you upside down in Gitchee Gumee like mine did! Catch you at BP later today with any luck.

Ron said...

Looking forward to the new boat! I hope it shows up before the BBI, but I do think it would make a nice maiden voyage.