Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Some familiar faces at the rolling clinic


Alex, Derrick, Freya, and Greg teaching G-rolls at the rolling clinic on Sunday night. I wish we could have stayed later, but the drive back, and back to work on Monday morning meant a departure by 9:30 pm. We did have some excitement on the ride home, we had a tire blowout on the freeway at approx 75 mph .. but the two resourceful souls we are, we had the tire changed and back on the road in NASCAR time .. well almost.

Where to start ... An early departure on Saturday saw Jill, Chris, Courtney, and I, in Madison for an early lunch at the "Come Back Inn", then off to the show. The weekend was grand, getting together with so many people in the kayaking world is something a person doesn't get to do often enough. I was able to see Wendy Killoran's talk on Newfoundland, lots of great pictures. I followed her blog on the trip, and was great to see her presentation. The whole reason for me to go was the people, all I managed to buy at the show was my copy of "This is the Sea 3", which Justine signed for me, and I renewed my ACA membership. We did go to the premier showing at the "High Noon Saloon", which was wall to wall packed!

Sunday was a day of listening to speakers, and just hanging out at the show. Afterwards Dave Olson and I made drive to Baraboo for the rolling clinic with Freya and Greg. These folks are first rate, some of the best Greenland instructors in the world. It was a real treat to learn somethings from them, I was able to spend some one on one time with Greg learning about static and sculling bracing.

The weekend I felt was a great success, both for me, and for Canoecopia. Spending a weekend with good friends, and meeting folks like Justine, Derrick Mayoleth, Wendy Killoran, Greg Stamer, Silbs, and all the others that came together this last weekend. Makes it hard to come back and concentrate on day to day activities again.


Silbs said...

Thanks for saying hello. It was good to put a face to the name. Let me know when you will be in the Milwaukee area (might even be able to put you up). Better yet, come up to Door County July 13th for the symposium.

Ron said...

Thanks Dick, I had a great time meeting so many people. Door County is on the want to do list for the summer, I'll try and make it.